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Fay Weldon

World-renowned author Fay Weldon has recorded a 45-minute CD exclusively for us at Grosvenor House Publishing. The CD offers a rare and unique insight into one of the world’s best -known authors. Fay talks about how to write a novel that combines a fast pace with an exciting storyline to grip the reader. She also gives you some great tips about getting your story across to an audience and what one should do to ensure a story maintains its pace.

We are privileged to know Fay and thank her for recording this CD for Grosvenor House Publishing. Order this CD for just £15 and hear for yourself how Fay can guide you to improve your writing skills. Go to our 'contact us' page and simply e-mail us to place an order.

Click one of the links below to hear a sample of the CD

Clip 1 - Click Icon to Play Clip 2 - Click Icon to Play
Clip 3 - Click Icon to Play Clip 4 - Click Icon to Play

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