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Book Cover Design
Question - Does 795 include my book cover?
   Answer - YES. For 795 you will have the control to design ... read more
Question - How do I design my book front and back covers?
   Answer - With our unique book cover design module online, w... read more
Question - Can I use my own design or image?
   Answer - YES. You can upload your own design or picture to ... read more
Question - What happens once I've finished my design?
   Answer - Once you have submitted your design to GHP, we the... read more
Question - Can I use my own font?
   Answer - YES. If you have a personal favourite, then we are... read more
Question - What if I do not like one of your covers?
   Answer - If you do not feel that any of the cover pictures ... read more
Question - Are GHP's cover pictures clear of copyright?
   Answer - YES. All the pictures that are on offer are ALL ro... read more
GHP - questions about us
Question - What type of books do GHP publish?
   Answer - We specialise in the 'typical' paperback and har... read more
ISBN / Barcodes
Question - Does my book get a barcode?
   Answer - YES. All our books have a barcode printed on the b... read more
Question - Is an ISBN included in the 795
   Answer - YES. All of our books are assigned with the latest... read more
Question - Can you print the inside book contents in colour?
   Answer - YES we can print colour books throughout. Each an... read more
Question - Will my book cover be printed in colour?
   Answer - YES. All of our book covers are printed in full co... read more
Question - What is typesetting?
   Answer - We will typeset your manuscript which is includ... read more
Question - Why do I need my manuscript typeset?
   Answer - Most of your manuscripts will be written in progra... read more
Question - Will you check my document for spelling mistakes?
   Answer - No. Typesetting is not to corr... read more
Question - Will you 'layout' my text?
   Answer - YES. When we typeset your book, we will profession... read more
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