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What books do GHP self publish?


Your writing is complete. The ink is dry. But how do you get a book published?

Of course, the easiest way is to approach an established publishing house, get them to read your manuscript, offer you a deal and then wait for royalties to stream in. In an ideal world!

These days, the percentage of manuscripts actually read by publishers – let alone offered a book deal – is dreadfully low, leaving many aspiring authors wondering how to publish a book. Self publishing has therefore become the only option for most.

So what is involved in Self Publishing?

Self publishing is when you – the author –take on the roles that a publishing house would typically do – formatting, printing, marketing & distribution. Lets briefly outline what you would need to think about to get your book published, and how GHP can help.

ISBN  Numbers

In order to sell your printed book it needs an ISBN – International Standard Book Number. Click here for more info.

All of our books are assigned with the latest 13 digit ISBN number. Should you ever change your book from paperback to hardback; a new ISBN number will have to be added.  If your book title changes or the authors name changes, then a new ISBN number must be assigned to your book. 

Book Cover

Your book needs a cover –that goes without saying – and a cover can make all the difference in terms of sales. For £795 you will have the control to design your cover online. You can take the design to whatever level you feel you are capable, and then let our designers do the rest.  All our designers have worked for book publishing companies and are therefore fully aware of the guidelines and specifications required.

With our unique book cover design module online, we have made it easy for anyone to simply choose a cover image and then proceed to add your own text.  Once logged in, you then begin the process of designing your book covers, both front and back.  You choose from over 2000 images, which are all royalty free, or you can upload one of your own images, and then proceed to add your text onto the cover. You will then choose your font, your text size, the colour and then position it on your covers. You can choose to send this direct to us,  or you can save it and come back to it at a later date.  You decide if your back cover will be only text or you can upload a picture as well.  This module gives you total control, in your time of how you want your book to look.  


Typesetting is the process of preparing your manuscript for printing – selecting fonts, layout etc. More info. When we typeset your book, we will professionally layout your inside pages. We will take care of margins, page numbers, chapter headings, all spacing, indents etc. We will aim to make your book look as best as it can possibly be with our professional typesetters. This is all included in our £795 package. 


And then of course, your book needs printing. We can print colour books throughout if required. The cost calculator on our site is for mono print inside only – due to the technical nature of colour printing and the many variations of paper, weights and volumes, we have to price these colour books individually.

What type of books do GHP publish?

We specialise in the 'typical' paperback and hardback books. However, we do many children's, cookery, poem, and graduation books - to name a few. If we feel we cannot produce or print a book, we will give you an honest answer. We are publishers first and foremost and do not want to become printers - therefore some jobs we will simply decline.  Our main aim is to publish and produce quality printed books at a very reasonable cost.

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