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Book Cover Design

How true is ‘never judge a book by its cover'? One thing that must never be underestimated in your journey to becoming a published author is the look of your book. Potential readers will not even take the book from the shelf if the front cover does not look enticing and professionally designed.

This is why we have built a unique Online Book Cover Design Module on our website. This module will allow you to design your cover with ease and simplicity. We have over 900 high resolution images available for all our clients to use totally royalty free (included in the £795). You can choose any one of these pictures (we are constantly adding more each month) or you can even upload your own picture or design.

Once you have gone through the simple steps of designing your front and back cover, it is automatically sent to our professional designers, who will then duplicate it in high resolution ready for print. Should you have a specific requirement, such as a font that is not displayed, then simply contact us and we will do our best to help.

Click here
to see a small collection of GHP book covers.

Please do take a look at the pictures available for you to use and remember using any of these is included in the price of £795.

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