Kim Cross

Kim Cross, our founder and Managing Director has worked full-time for his own companies since 1976. In 1971 Kim went to Canada for a two-week holiday and stayed for 20 years…. Some holiday! After receiving some excellent sales training in the field of office equipment he soon branched out into his own business. Initially owning a real estate company in Vancouver in 1976, then expanded within the industry and bought another real estate company in Calgary, Alberta, in 1980.

During his time in Calgary, Kim saw a real opportunity within the oil and gas industry and started a natural gas brokerage company. The brokerage business grew rapidly so he sold the real estate companies and concentrated fully on the gas brokerage firm – ultimately selling it to Enron in 1990…. while they had some money!

Upon his return to the UK in 1991, Kim started an advertising company with an associate, selling space on the reverse of supermarket receipts (an idea he had seen in the US), and had contracts with Sainsbury’s, Safeway, Morrisons and Somerfield. Kim sold his interest in that company in 2002 and has since been involved in some small property developments. Having some spare time on his hands and having always wanted to write a book he wrote a thriller called The Suicide Bomber in 2004/05. After much frustration trying to get publishers or literary agents to read his book he decided to start his own self-publishing company and Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd. was born in September 2005.

Tamsin Rush

Tamsin joined GHP in 2007 and has been part of its success ever since. As the manager of the company, she is responsible for overseeing its smooth running whilst still enjoying the one-to-one relationship she has with authors, alongside her colleague and ‘right hand woman’ Becky.

Tamsin comes from a management background in IT and PR, amongst others, with experience in writing technical manuals and employee guides and is a self-confessed ‘Grammar Queen’.

“I can honestly say that I love my job. No one day is the same as another and it is an absolute joy working with our authors to help them achieve their goal of getting their own book professionally published. I think it is so important that the whole process is managed by people and not computers; with a friendly ‘voice’ at the end of a phone or email offering guidance or advice.”

Becky Banning

Joining the GHP team in 2017, Becky comes from a strong background of administration management and support roles.  Her previous role at The Wildlife Aid Foundation hospital and charity saw her looking after 300+ volunteers as well as managing all of the charity’s administrative and personnel matters.

Prior to this she worked in such diverse fields as organising distance learning courses, hypnosis training courses, office supplies, DIY and even a stint as a Butlins Redcoat!

An avid reader and lover of words, Becky has proven herself to be a valued member of the team at GHP, with an excellent command of the English language and an efficient and systematic approach to each publication.

“Working for GHP is challenging and rewarding in equal measures!  Each new book brings its own set of requirements and each new author their own hopes and expectations.  What I enjoy the most is meeting, and often exceeding, those expectations, with our excellent service and brilliant team.”