Publishing prices

The majority of books that we publish are less than 75,000 words and therefore can be published for our standard package price of £795.  Should your word count exceed this then there is a sliding scale of charges to accommodate the additional typesetting work.

The only additional cost you pay at the outset will be if your book includes images and there is a sliding scale of charges depending on how many images are to be included.

Click here for the charges: GHP Image Placement Fees (see page 4)

Word count of manuscript Publishing price
0 – 75,000 £795.00
75,001 – 100,000 £895.00
100,001 – 125,000 £995.00
125,001 – 150,000 £1,095.00
150,001 – 175,000 £1,195.00
175,001 – 200,000 £1,295.00
200,001 – 225,000 £1,395.00
225,001 – 250,000 £1,495.00
250,001 – 275,000 £1,595.00
275,001 – 300,000 £1,695.00
300,001+ POA
  • For children’s books up to 32 pages, with a high image count and a low word count (<1000 words) we may be able to include the images* as part of the package – please contact us.
    • *This will assume you have your artwork professionally produced or available as high resolution jpeg files

What does the publishing contract cover?

At Grosvenor House Publishing we have worked very hard to put together a comprehensive, affordable and quality alternative to the all too often frustrating world of conventional publishing.

Within the cost of your contract we will provide the following services:

  • Full, comprehensive support from our dedicated team.  You will have email and telephone access during working hours to our admin team who will ensure the smooth transition of your book, from manuscript to finished product.  Wherever possible you will deal with the same person each time to ensure understanding and continuity
  • Professional typesetting of your book
    Our typesetters will professionally layout the interior of your book followed by the cover in high resolution, ready for print.
  •  An ISBN number – International Standard Book Number
    Your book will have its own unique ISBN number assigned – this will enable you to sell it via any bookstore or internet site.
  • A professionally created book cover
    Using your image for the front cover; we will put together a professional cover for your book, be it paperback, case laminate hardback or a dust jacket.  If you don’t have an image prepared then there are royalty-free sites we can point you to and images are very inexpensive to buy.  If you prefer to have your cover professionally designed then we can do so for an additional cost of £250
  • You have full control over the production of your book
    We will send you pdf proofs throughout the process for your approval or amendment and work with you to resolve any layout or formatting issues that crop up
  • Five complimentary printed copies of your new book
    Upon receipt of your approval of the final proofs, your book will be sent to press and 5 copies will be delivered to you within 2 weeks.
  • Online distribution to all major international retailers for one full year
    Your book will be made available for sale from websites such as,, Waterstones, Foyles, Barnes & Noble amongst others.
  • Wholesale distribution via Gardners and Nielsen Book Data throughout the UK
    Your book will be available from these companies for maximum UK distribution coverage.
  • Placed on legal deposit with UK National Libraries
    A copy of your book needs to be sent to the British Library by law. We not only do this but also send copies to the other 5 UK National Libraries: Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford, Cambridge University Library, The National Library of Scotland, The Library of Trinity College, Dublin and The National Library of Wales.
  • Ability to reorder your book – starting from just 1 copy!
    Print on demand allows you to order additional copies of your book at wholesale price + P&P, one at a time if you like. Simply let us know how many copies you want and we will send you a quote and place your order. Paperbacks will be delivered in 5 – 7 working days and hardbacks in 8 – 10 working days.

Our inclusive services explained further:

ISBN Numbers

In order to sell your printed book, it needs an ISBN – International Standard Book Number.

All of our books are assigned with the latest 13-digit ISBN number. Should you ever change your book from paperback to hardback; a new ISBN number will have to be added.  If your book title changes or the author’s name changes, then a new ISBN number must be assigned to your book.


Typesetting is the process of preparing your manuscript for printing – selecting fonts, layout, formatting etc. Initially we will typeset the first few pages of your book and send these to you for your approval. Once we have received the go-ahead from you we will professionally layout the complete interior text. We will take care of margins, page numbers, placing of the chapter headings, all spacing, indents etc. Our professional typesetting team aims to make your book look as good as it can possibly be and we will ask you for your opinions along the way.

Image placement

If you want your book to contain pictures, we can insert these within your interior text. We charge per picture we insert on the initial book set-up and this is a one-off charge.

Click here for the charges: GHP Image Placement Fees (see page 4)

Book Cover Design

One thing that should not be overlooked on your journey to becoming a published author is the look of your book. Potential readers will not even take the book from the shelf if the front cover does not look enticing and professionally designed.

Click here to have a look at some of our recently published book covers

You may have an image already that you wish to use – great!  You may only have an idea in your head at this stage… that’s fine too because we can give you access to thousands of images that you can look through and you are guaranteed to find something that suits your own book.

If you don’t have an image of your own to use then there are many excellent royalty-free sites online. You can use specific criteria to narrow down your search or just browse through until you find something suitable.

Two sites that we have accounts with are:

Simply go onto the website and choose an image making note of the image number and category and email us this information.  Images from these sites usually cost between £10-£30.  We will purchase it for you and download it at the correct resolution.

Once you have chosen your image our typesetters will create your cover using the image you have chosen and the wording for the back cover that you have provided us with. Should you have a specific requirement, such as a font that is not displayed, then simply contact us and we will do our best to provide it.

If you prefer to have a bespoke cover designed and want to discuss your ideas with a professional designer then we can arrange this for you.  They will produce several mock-ups for you to view and you can work together to come up with your perfect cover design (front and back).  This service costs £250 and all artwork will be supplied to us in the correct format for printing.

GHP can provide the following additional services which you can bolt-on to your publishing agreement:

Proofreading and copyediting – POA

Proofreading consists of checking and correcting the spelling, grammar and punctuation of a written manuscript as well as the consistency of style.

Copyediting further includes suggesting re-wording to improve the flow of text, checking facts and references and alerting the publisher and author of any possible legal implications.

Click here for more information

Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ Feature – £35.00

Amazon will display a selection of random pages from you book, no more than 20%, to allow potential readers to get a taste of your work

Amazon’s ‘Author Central’

Amazon offer a free marketing tool called ‘Author Central’.  If you have an Amazon login and password, you can create a link from your book’s listing to an author biography, photo, video, events and tweets.  You can also use the biography section to market your own website.  Download our free guide here

Listing renewal service – £39.00 / eBooks £20*

Included in your publishing package are your online book listings on website such as Amazon and Waterstones.  After the first year you have the choice of renewing or cancelling these listings and we will get in touch when they are due, offering you these options.  One year’s renewal will cost £39.00 and two years is discounted at £68.00. When you cancel your listings, the book will become ‘out of print’ and will eventually disappear from retail websites.

*If you have published an eBook alongside your print book the cost of listing the eBook online is included.  Should you decide to cancel your print book in the future there is an admin fee of £20 per annum (or £35 for two years) to continue listing the eBook.  Otherwise the eBook listings will be removed at the same time.