‘A prominent success story is G P Taylor. A self-professed “fat, 43-year-old vicar” he self-published his children’s fantasy novel, Shadowmancer, in 2002, aiming to sell “about 200 copies” through the local independent bookshop. One reader sent a copy to The Times, which declared the book “Hotter than Potter”. Taylor was then snapped up by a publisher, and Shadowmancer topped the British book charts for 15 weeks. Between his book deals (he’s signed up to write 11 books) and film rights, Taylor is set to make £12m.’


‘Self-publishing companies are offering all sorts of packages for the budding author. The likes of Grosvenor House Publishing offer a bespoke service with personal advice on publishing and design during the processing period and include obtaining ISBN numbers and other services.’

‘One other site with a different business model is Grosvenor House Publishing, They offer a bespoke service including add-ons (such as jacket design and marketing) that cost extra with other companies. It looks as though the publishing industry could be in line for a much needed shock. Vanity publishing is dead. Long live print on demand.’


– Today ‘Scribblers are doing it for themselves’
‘It does happen. Look at GP Taylor, author of the children’s novel Shadowmancer, which was bought by Faber in 2003. He now has a £3.5m six-book deal, and a film deal worth millions. The American rights to Shadowmancer were sold for £314,000, rumoured to be more than three times JK Rowling’s cheque for the American publication of the first Harry Potter story.

Taylor, was a 43-year old vicar in Cloughton, North Yorkshire. He was advised that no publisher would touch his tale of good and evil set on the North-East coast in the 18th-century. So he sold his motorbike and published Shadowmancer himself for £3,500. After selling 2,500 copies in a month, largely through word-of-mouth, he was recommended to the agent who signed JK Rowling to Bloomsbury. The rest is a self-publishing dream come true. Self-publishing has come a long way in the last five years or so, once seen suspiciously as another form of vanity publishing, it is now increasingly viewed as a respectable way for authors to get a foot on the publishing ladder.’

The Guildford Magazine

‘…and there are simply aren’t enough eyes to survey them. Authors are waiting months, even years, for their masterpieces to be read. Furthermore, in an industry in which marketing is arguably becoming more important than editorial content, many submissions are rejected simply because they don’t reflect the current trend for bumper, thought-provoking thrillers, overweight ‘chick lit’ heroines or wizarding adolescent boys. A self publishing company called Grosvenor House Publishing charges authors the cost of manufacturing a book, while the author retain the freedom to set their own print run, royalty rates, cover image and title, and are also responsible for marketing their precious words.’


Mike Duddridge – ‘Painting the Sky Khaki’

I approached the task of having a manuscript converted into a book with some misgivings; my previous experience of dealing with commercial organisations by email had not been encouraging: there was always difficulty in establishing any sort of personal relationship, being shunted from one person to another and sometimes even trying to communicate with an electronic device rather than a human. But this was not so with Grosvenor House Publishing.

From my very first dealings with the company – and long before any money changed hands – I was made to feel that I was the only author they were committed to help. The procedure which has to be followed in the publication of a book was carefully explained at every stage, and every query I raised was answered promptly that day, usually the same morning or afternoon, and, most importantly, by the same person.

To anyone contemplating launching into print I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Grosvenor House Publishing as an organisation who will guide you through the intricacies of the process with thoroughness, celerity and a light touch.


Edward Arnold – ‘Bloomsbury – A Square Mile: A History and Guide’

I was lucky enough to discover Grosvenor House Publishing who has just published my first book. Being a first-time author I was worried that I may miss something or submit work incorrectly. GHP held my hand all the way, giving sound advice and technical guidance all the way. Any questions were answered immediately and I can’t thank Becky enough for her prompt and straightforward guidance and reassurance throughout this pleasant experience. The entire process ran smoothly and both the proof-reader and indexer were very thorough and highly professional (and very affordable). The image and typesetters followed my instructions exactly and improved upon them turning my manuscript and images into a well presented professional book.

In a nutshell, I received a highly professional and friendly service second to none.  The quality of the end product is amazing – an attractive well-made book that shouts vivid colour. Big thanks to all the team at Grosvenor House Publishing.



Lord Lee of Trafford – ‘Yummi Yoghurt’

I never believed that it would be possible for me to publish my book, Yummi Yoghurt – A First Taste of Stock Market Investment, in such an easy way and I have been absolutely delighted with the speed and service which the Grosvenor team provided.  Not only that, but I also thought their charges to be very reasonable given all that they did.  I recommend them without reservation to anyone who is thinking of self-publishing – they can have absolute confidence that Grosvenor will deliver.”




Bill Harris – ‘Always Making Something’

When it was suggested that I put together my life story for my grandchildren I did not expect to spend the next four years doing it! But writing the book was easier than finding quality help for self-publishing it. I worked with one publisher until they postponed their start date twice, then searching for an alternative I discovered Grosvenor House Publishing and immediately sensed that this was a far more professional organisation. The basic fee was reasonable and the options regarding the book size, paper quality, illustrations and proof reading were well explained and set out. My telephone calls and emails were helpfully responded to whenever I needed guidance.

Completing my own autobiography was delayed by almost a year whilst I obtained approvals from the copyright holders of some of my many colour and black-and-white illustrations – I should have started on that from the beginning – but Grosvenor House were patient and commenced the type-setting as soon as I was finally ready. Their work on the cover design went through several iterations but again they patiently accepted my slight adjustments to produce an excellent cover that I am really pleased with.

My orders for my book have been promptly dealt with, so now all I can hope for is that my grandchildren will read it!


John Pick – ‘Masque of Blood’

‘As an aged author, I have been dealing with publishers, of all kinds, for many a long year.  Regrettably, they have come to occupy a place in my personal grudge list somewhere below Night Soil Operatives and House Agents.

However, Grosvenor House Publishing has totally restored my faith in the breed. Their staff are efficient but friendly and the books they produce would grace any library. Above all, they treat each author and each book as unique, not as part of a mass production process. Cherish them.



Brian Luxton – ‘My Father’s People’

Dear Becky, I received the books at 3:30. What an excellent production! Great print on lovely paper and astonished at the quality of photos and the trees and the cover. First rate to all the team and thank you for making this dream come true! Aldon has also put three in his shop window! Yippee! Kind regards Brian






Peter Hartley – ‘On a Boat to Barra’

I received the five books from your printer today with slight misgivings as I was worried that things might have gone slightly awry when it was too late to do anything about it. I need not have worried. The whole appearance is exactly how, but much better than, I could ever have imagined it. The production even seems to make my poetry look better. I know I must have been one of your more trying customers – the words prima donna spring to mind – but you have indulged my every whim in the matter even when I have felt aware that I have sometimes not played by the book. You have done everything for me with the greatest expedition as though I were your only client; you have remembered everything I ever asked for and some things that I didn’t, as for example, putting Gallipoli 1915 opposite Gallipoli 2015 so they can both be seen in the same eyeful. I am amazed at the legerdemain that has turned a scrappy torn relic of my great grandfather into such a clear sharp photograph for the dust-cover’s flappy bits. I did feel we had turned a corner when you made that balanced legible collage but I wouldn’t have believed you could do so much to bring those photos back to life from nearly fifty years ago, that I took with a plasticky Kodak instamatic manufactured no doubt many long decades before you were born; and you even remembered that last change of mind with the photo of me on the same flappy bit and getting rid of the sans serif.

Many thanks indeed, Tamsin, for a job well done.

James Penny – ‘Albannaich’ 

Having decided to self publish on the premise that life was too short for dealing with mainstream publishing companies, I am so glad that I chose GHP from the myriad of others offering the service. They proved ever helpful, prompt in their dealings, and, an important point… refreshingly concerned that the book turned out well. The final product was excellent. Their scheme to provide outlets for their authors I would regard as groundbreaking in self-publishing. An added bonus. My thanks to all at GHP and I look forward to further dealings with you.

Alan Smith – ‘Harvester of the Now’

I have just received the first 5 copies of The Notebook Dress.  What can I say?  It looks absolutely fantastic!!!  Amazing!!!  And so many other positive words!!!  My first book and you have made it look so great! Thank you so very very much, it has been a sheer joy to have my work published by Grosvenor House Ltd!  You have all been so wonderful, I just can’t wait to work on Volume Two with you all again. Looking forward to my 100 copies now!  Can’t wait…



Autumn Palmer – ‘The Golden Seraph’

Wow, my new book looks beautiful. I have just received 5 copies. Hoping to give them as much publicity as I can! Thank you very much for a job well done – am hoping to release more books as soon as I break even!





Brian Watkins – ‘Kelsey’s Raiders’

Just writing to say thanks to you and your colleagues for doing such a wonderful job on my book. It really looks fantastic!



On behalf of a GHP Author – Belinda Sidebotham – ‘The Night’s Circle’

I’ve just received the 5 complimentary copies of Duncan’s book, I must say I am really impressed. I like the book cover design and have sent one straight off to Duncan. Now I can’t wait to receive the other 250 copies so that I can send them to Duncan and he will be able to give them to friends and family etc. Thanks a million, you’ve made my day!



Paul Knight – ‘Abbabuwa’s Mountain’

I received the 500 copies of Abbabuwa’s Mountain on Friday, and I am delighted with the quality. Their receipt rounds off a thoroughly successful project in bringing the book to publication through Grosvenor House Publishing, and I would like to take the opportunity of thanking you for all your help during the process. I am especially grateful for all the trouble you took to get the typesetting right – I really was not expecting to get that level of service from a self publishing company, and the finished book is testament to the quality of your work and that of your designers and printers. I must now go out and try to sell a few copies! Meanwhile, many thanks again for all your help over the publication of Abbabuwa’s Mountain – it is much appreciated.


Charles Measures – ‘Rural, Rock n’ the Ridiculous’

I received the first copies of the book yesterday, which was a most unexpected, but welcome surprise. I must thank you and all concerned for doing a most excellent job. The cover looks very impressive, both front and back; it most certainly stands out. I also thought the paper matches the cover and gives a good quality feel to the book. The type face is better than the one I originally submitted as a sample and the quality reproduction of the drawings is excellent. There also seems to be some sort of sheen, or gloss over the printed words and the drawings, which again adds to the overall quality. The motif round either side of the titles is another touch I particularly like. The layout is spot on and works very well with the headers at the bottom of each page. The final printed product looks extremely professional and looks a serious endeavour when placed next to  some of my favourite poetry books and hopefully this will convince some retailers to stock it in their racks’. 


Chris Galer – ‘The Ross Gang’

Kim – It WAS good just now to see your mug on the website : E- publishing really works for me but the anonymity sometimes felt distant…tho’ you always responded with return phone calls, and e’s so quickly! ALSO – Good to know your personal biogs : Without wishing to be at all patronising, it does help to know that both you and Jason had ‘Works’ and understand not only publishing/the media…but the Process! (Acceptance/Rejection etc.). So – “Thank you” again. (My overall experience with GHP has been impressively good – any upload glitches undoubtedly my text/graphic errors…or even ‘usual’…and anyway we got there pretty quickly ! – I recommended you to another writer – completing her 2nd. unpublished novel – only last week, and with enthusiasm. You’ve certainly worked for me ! (In more than one sense…)

John Bray- ‘No Choice’1170883587_ghpcover2316

If, like me, you have been disappointed when your carefully worded manuscript drops through the letter box, yet again spurned by another agent, you may have considered self-publication. There is one pertinent question that will no doubt cross your mind. To whom can I entrust my money and manuscript? Not so long ago, I was in the same situation. Fortunately for me, my sister has an acquaintance who is a member of a local literary circle, one of whom recommended Grosvenor House Publishing to me.
My first contact with GHP was a telephone call to Kim Cross and, within a few minutes, I was impressed by his answers to my questions. Shortly after, I committed my money and manuscript into his care. Kim Cross, together with his Associates, mentored me through the process, and answered any worried e.mails by return. What a wonderful Christmas present I had when I received my five complimentary books on the llth December 2006. Seeing for the first time my two years of hard work culminating in a professionally produced book, I was ecstatic to say the least. Within ten days of my book being listed on Amazon, my first copy was sold – another huge thrill.Would I recommend GHP? I certainly would. So much so, my second novel is nearing completion and will definitely be offered to GHP for publication. Whichever way you choose to go, I wish you much success.

Cardinal N. Walkin – ‘Praying for Miracles’

I have just (at exactly 1500hrs) received my five copies of Praying For Miracles from the printers. Needless to say I’m absolutely delighted with the final results. Once again please accept my sincere gratitude for all your assistance on this short but  interesting journey. God bless all at GHP.


Mag Cummings- ‘Fishplates & Frogs’

Thank you ever so much for all your help getting my mums book ready for printing. I appreciate your patience throughout all the backwards and forwards emails etc… and thank you again”  Mag Cummings; ” would also like to add that I am delighted with the book, and the way you were able to reproduce my own design for the cover.  I take this opportunity to thank you for the prompt service and attention to detail that made this whole process of self-publishing such a rewarding experience.  I am a member of several writing classes, and I would not hesitate to recommend GHP to the students. Thank you once again.



Eve Wood-Langford – ‘Looking for Camelot’

Delighted to see my books have arrived safely and I am thrilled to have them. 

Thank you to all concerned.




Karen Drury – ‘Jem Star’

Thanks for sending me a copy of my book. It looks fantastic and I’m thrilled with it – I have now received my 5 complimentary copies of The Jem Star and would like to thank you and your team for everything you’ve done. The finished product looks great. I have also found the book listed on Amazon!

Mary Blue – ‘Beginning Comprehension’

I have my book in my hand – it is so emotional – I have cried – it was a very long journey.  I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome and the quality of production.  I thank you most sincerely for all your work and correspondence with me in getting the ‘job done’! In the meantime I shall continue with the next one and hopefully be in touch with you again.


Terry Ravenscroft – ‘Dear Air 2000’

In January of this year I self-published with Grosvenor House my book of humorous letters, Dear Air 2000,. To publicise it I sent a copy of the book to a hundred local commercial and BBC radio presenters. In the accompanying letter I simply asked the presenter if he could find time to read the book, and if he liked what he read would he please mention it on the air. I also said I was available for interviews. I have no way of knowing how many of the presenters read my book, or how many mentioned it on the air, but what I do know is that five of them gave me an on air interview. What followed after is that the book’s rating on Amazon went from about 200,000 to the low hundreds.

Via the grapevine the publisher Michael O’Mara Books got to hear about this. Michael O’Mara himself obtained a copy of the book from Amazon, read it, liked it, and wrote to me, saying that he thought the book was very funny and was I interested in him publishing via a professional mainstream publisher?
The upshot was that Michael O’Mara offered me a £10,000 advance for Dear Air 2000, and another (unpublished) book Dear Coca Cola. What I did to publicise my book worked for me, albeit a little fortuitously. But there’s an old saying that you make your own luck, and I firmly believe this to be true. Thank you GHP!



Alec Berzack – ‘Short Stories for Plane and Train’

I received my book this afternoon and I am very delighted especially since it has arrived in time for me to give to my wife on her actual birthday. I have to say I am delighted with the cover – my daughter says this will sell the book! My son is amazed that I finally published a book. My daughter-in-law claims she recognizes members of the family in the stories. I am very pleased. I took 5 years of Creative Writing Classes and enjoyed them but it is nothing compared with actually having a book. I intend to write another book although I must say the proof reading was almost enough to put me off at times! My editor did a really good job and also her comments which I used on the back cover were very useful. Many thanks to you Ruth, Kim and all your people,


Alan Smith – ‘Harvester of the Now’

The cover proof looks excellent!  I wish I could take credit for it, but that’s all thanks to Simon Black and all the hard work you

and everyone at GHP have put in. I am so happy with this project, thank you all again…1185204227_ghp_cover_amy_aitken

Amy Aitken – ‘Thandana’

THANKS Ruth for my box of books that arrived via UPS about 2 hours ago. They look fabulous and I’m so proud of what GHP has produced. Please will you extend my warmest appreciation to Kim Cross , Jason in the design team and all others who had a hand in processing my novel for me.



Carl Garwood – ‘The Timeshare Coach’

…thank you for all your help, you are an asset to Grosvenor House Publishing, you replied to all emails and made me feel very comfortable

when I was worried about getting my book on time. Thank you


Cornelius Rainsford- ‘666 and a 9 millimetre’


Fate sometimes dictates, just when you are thinking the odds against you are too great, everything changes in an instant. Sitting at my computer one night, bemoaning my lot, I tapped in self-publishing and Grosvenor Publishing House, amongst others, came up. For some instinctive reason I particularly liked Grosvenor’s name and decided to give them a go. After all, I had nothing to lose – I had already experienced ten years of failure – how could things be any worse.

With nothing more than simple curiosity, I opened their website and I was astonished to find the answers to all the questions about the art of self-publishing I had ever had were before me. Furthermore, when I saw that Grosvenor Publishing House could prepare my novel for publishing for well under a thousand pounds and that I could then order as many or as few copies as I liked, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep.

Of course I contacted Grosvenor Publishing House the following morning, and I was further pleased to discover that the people there were also writers and understood exactly what I was going through and what I needed. Because although I was confident in my ability to write a good novel, what I knew about publishing could be written on a postage stamp. Grosvenor Publishing House also have a library of great images for you to use on your book covers. I have used two – one for my first novel 666 and a 9 millimetre, and one on my second The Beggar’s Bowl. They say never judge a book by its cover, but it is my opinion that if the cover doesn’t draw the reader’s attention in the first place, the book has very little chance of being sold. I am grateful to Grosvenor Publishing House for what they have done for me, and if you want to experience the sheer joy of seeing your imagination in the tangible form of a book, then you should contact them. For in the lonely and sometimes desperate world of the writer, it is a great comfort to know that the people there will be only too willing to help when the inevitable glitch rears its ugly head.



Jane Gilley- ‘Maisie’s Dream’

This email is to notify you that I received my books at the weekend. But it is also to thank you for the professionalism and understanding shown to me by Ruth and Jason and yourself. The books are notably stunning! I am delighted to have be able to have ‘met’ you all via email during the liaising and production of my book: Maisie’s Dream.

You are an amazing company and I thank you all, once again.

Janette Sexton – ‘The Basic Fault ‘

I received my five books this morning. Very pleased and such quick delivery!

Karin Cupper – ‘More Zany Adventures in Eidland’

Thank you for your e mail enclosing a cover proof of my Book.  It looks really nice.  I have gone through the Manuscript.  It meets with my approval.  Your Department has done a nice Job.  Please thank them from me. With all Good. Wishes.Karin.

Anne Boyland – ‘Through the Eyes of a Child’

I have been waiting all morning for this, I knew you were working on it. I am overwhelmed and feel very emotional. The book cover is even better than I expected. I can’t thank you enough. My love and best wishes to you all.

Darren Ritson – ‘In Search of Ghosts – Real Hauntings from around Britain’

Brilliant stuff! I also received my 5 books today! BRILLIANT! I will be placing my first order within the next few weeks.

Karla Brading – ‘Destiny in Blood’

Yesterday, my mother and I went around all the shops putting big posters up advertising my novel, and when I got home, a man delivered a package. My book looks great!!!!! We were jumping up and down for hours at my house with our free copies. Thank you so much.

Janette Sexton – ‘Basic Fault’

I received my five books this morning. Very pleased and such quick delivery, I checked in on Amazon and I see my book is listed already! In my haste and delight to acknowledge receipt of my books, I don’t think I adequately conveyed my satisfaction. My novel, based around a Victorian Asylum is possibly not a main stream subject. Waiting for a conventional publisher may have taken forever or even never, which would have been very disappointing for me. Your service is very fairly priced and I am delighted with the books. Everyone who has seen them has commented on their quality. The process has been efficient and simple and your help and speedy acknowledgement of all my queries has been a pleasure. Thank you very much.

Barbara Furguson – ‘Call Me Anna’

Many many thanks for all your hard work.  It has made things so easy for me. I may do it again in due course some time.

Anne Boyland – ‘Through the Eyes of a Child’

I have been waiting all morning for this, I knew you were working on it. I am overwhelmed and feel very emotional. The book cover is even better than I expected. I can’t thank you enough. I am so happy, excited, and “over the moon,” I received my first 5 books half an hour ago and could not wait to tell you. I rang Kim to tell him too. I thank you all for making my dream come true. Ruth, I have such a big family and they all want books, but first I need to order 50 for me to give out to family and friends. Love to you all. From a very satisfied customer. 

Eric Chambers – ‘No bed for me’

Move number two was to consider self-publishing, but having been warned about vanity publishers, I looked for a company that presented itself well, and was local to where I lived. Grosvenor House Publishing ticked all the boxes, so I’d go along with them. Thank you

Jonathan Teague – ‘Mystery of the Faith’

How exciting.  At last its published 😀 Ive already submitted it to Google book search I’ll let you know if it drives any interest.  Also the website is now live.  Please give my thanks and appreciation to everyone involved and I look forward to marketing and working on the next book.

Barbara Furguson – ‘Call Me Anna’

I’m very, very pleased with the above production received today.  I’m really thrilled with the lay out and front cover and it is very easy to read. Please thank everyone for their work.

Steve Lowton – ‘Journeys of the Heart and Mind’

Just wanted to say that, despite the hassles of last week, I have been totally pleased with the book and have no hesitation in recommending Grosvenor House to others, as indeed I have already done. Many thanks

Joyce Crang -‘Poetry of Life’
As this was my first attempt at having a book published I am delighted that I chose Grosvenor House and consider the way my contract was handled was both speedy and efficient. A personal “thank you” to you (Ruth) because you were always helpful and reassuring and it gave me confidence just to know that I could approach you at any time.

The book came as a total surprise to our two daughters and they were thrilled to bits when they opened them on Christmas Day. I have since given copies to a number of people and had some really lovely letters and phone calls in appreciation. I am “tickled pink”, to see my book advertised on Amazon and one friend refused a free copy of the book from me because she thought I should make a sale through Amazon!

Sue Hunt – ‘Twenty Twenty Vision’
Many thanks to you and all at Grosvenor House Publishing. My 5 books arrived today and they look fantastic … hopefully a good read too which will sell. I am very grateful to you for all you did guiding me through.

Leslie Brain – ‘A Minority’
My five books arrived safely this morning.I am absolutely delighted with them! I spoke with Kim Cross last week and told him how pleased I am with the whole process and with you in particular. Again, thank you. My big order arrived today just as promised. I really think you should take over the world bank and national health service. If only everything in life were this efficient. Thank you so much!

John Bell – ‘Mission: Teamplay Interactive’
I received the complimentary copies of my book, “Mission: Teamplay Interactive”, on Friday and I am delighted with the result, the quality of the binding and print exceeded all my expectations. Thanks very much for your help!

Mike Hulme – ‘Imagined Memories’
My five copies of Imagined Memories arrived yesterday.  I’m very pleased with the final product.  Thanks for your work on it.  I’ve put an on-line order in for a further 30 copies for myself for the moment; with more to come.Thank you again for a very impressive service.

David Lemon – ‘Blood, Sweat and Lions’

The books arrived half an hour ago and look good. Now I just have to sell them! Once again, my thanks. You have been a star.

Claire Barrable – ‘A Box of Moths’
Received my 5 copies today. Many thanks to you for your great communication and patience throughout the process!! You really have been brilliant! It is quite a thing to see my work in print and I’m generally very pleased with the result.

Dr Harry S Hope – ‘The Elements of Lore’
GHP has provided an excellent service, Ruth and Kim have been really supportive to both myself and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.  I have had to make numerous changes on the way and uploaded lots of personal requests all of which have been completed quickly and without bother ( I don’t think the website stresses just how much of a bespoke service is provided).  I am proud to finally have copies of my book flying out, the young adult fiction novels: The Books of Lore opens with The Elements of Lore and I am grateful to GHP for their contribution towards this achievement. So once you have finished Potter, devoured Pullman and need that little bit of magic in your reading I invite children and adults alike to begin a journey into a fantastic world just behind our own. Now young Apprentices thanks to GHP and all involved the adventure has begun… or 

Martyn Ham, Author of The Old Firm’s Proud Past

When I saw the finished book, it took my breath away – and it has done the same to other people who have bought it. The texture of the cover and the pages are first class, as is the professional finish and its presentation which all make the book look the part. From the start in August to the book being produced at the start of December, I have had great co-operation from Corinna, Tamsin and Ruth, who run a slick operation. Although dealing with the three of them at one time or another, each knew what the other had done, which I was very impressed by. The other thing which impressed me was that whenever I emailed any of them, I immediately had a reply which was much appreciated.

Terence R Lewis Managing Director Jaques Samuel Pianos

I have used GHP twice and have found them to be, without exception, superb. Emails are answered promptly and promises kept. Throughout the process they were supportive and helpful in all respects.The quality of the books, one hard-back one paper-back, is fantastic. I would not consider moving to another publisher they are GREAT!