We offer all authors the chance to publish their book as an eBook.

With prices starting at £195 you could have your book available to purchase for reading on: Kindle, iBook, iPad, android tablets and phones, Nook, Kobo etc.

  • If you have already published a printed book with us: £195
  • If you just want to publish an eBook: £495 minimum, increasing with wordcount as per printed books (please ask for a quote)

What are the advantages of publishing an eBook?

eBooks are a very popular publishing option.  They are generally cheaper to produce than a hard copy book and can be downloaded within minutes of payment being made.  They are convenient and portable and with our e-Readers and smart phones being ever more powerful they can be read on just about any device.  GHP will publish your eBooks globally and these give you another chance to promote your book if you have already published a print version.

How much will it cost me to publish an eBook?

If you have already published a hard copy of your book with Grosvenor House Publishing, it will cost £195.  If you haven’t, it will cost a minimum of £495, which includes the full typesetting of your manuscript, with prices increasing on a sliding scale with higher word counts.  If you then decide to publish a print version, we will deduct what you have paid for your eBook from the print version cost.

What does the eBook cost include?

This is a one-off cost for allocating an ISBN and converting your pdf or Word file into EPUB format. We then upload the file to be globally distributed by our aggregators Faber Factory and Nielsen.

Amazon allows me to upload my book as a Kindle eBook for free.  What is the advantage of publishing with GHP?

Your free Kindle eBook is only available to purchase on Amazon. We employ aggregators Faber Factory and distributors Nielsen to distribute your eBook globally for availability on all reputable eBook websites on all platforms including Kindle, Sony Reader, Kobo, iPad, smartphones and tablets.

Will I be charged anything else?

Charges will be applied should you wish to make amendments to your eBook at any point in the future.  Additionally, if you have published an eBook alongside your print book, the cost of listing the eBook online is included.  Should you decide to cancel your print book in the future there is an admin fee of £20 per annum (or £35 for two years) to continue listing the eBook.  Otherwise the eBook listings will be removed at the same time.

Can I include images in my eBook?

Yes.  Interior images will need to be sent in image format (preferably jpeg or tiff) at a minimum of 300 dpi resolution and at the size they would appear on the page.  You can give instructions for their placement within the text by using their identifying file names. Please bear in mind that colour images will be displayed in black & white on some eReaders.

How do I get started?

If you have previously published your title with GHP, you will need to complete an ‘eBook Order Form’ and return this to us with payment (two copies for posted forms).  On receipt, we will send you an email acknowledgement, post back a counter-signed copy and instruct our typesetters to start work on your eBook.

Can I amend my published book before converting it to an eBook?

Yes, but this will incur a fee of £35 per hour for extra typesetting.

What do I need to do if I haven’t previously published my book?

If this is a new book that you just want published as an eBook, you will need our ‘eBook ONLY Publishing Agreement’. Return this to us along with payment (two copies if posting) and on receipt, we will send you an email acknowledgement with instructions for submitting your book materials.  You will need to send your manuscript in MS Word, along with your cover instructions and images and any other materials.  These will then be sent to our typesetters for typesetting and conversion. We will also need a book description of about 50 words to be used on e-tailers’ websites.

How long does it take to produce an eBook?

If we have already typeset your book for print format it will take approximately 21 working days for our typesetters to complete the conversion (depending on the complexity of the book). If we are producing an eBook ONLY for you then we will allow 12-16 weeks for typesetting, proof-checking and final upload. Once we have your permission to distribute, it will take about a week for it to appear on Amazon’s Kindle store and two-three weeks to filter through to all other global e-tailers.

What royalties will I get for my eBook?

You will get 25% of the list price of your eBook. For example, if you priced your eBook at £4.99, the royalty will be £1.25 per sale.

Where does the rest of the money go?

After your 25%, 50% goes to the e-tailer and the rest to the aggregators Faber Factory and GHP.

When will I get my royalties?

Any royalties (and a sales report) will be sent to you every June and December by bank transfer. Please supply your bank details on the agreement.

Why do I need to supply Keywords for my eBook?

These are used so that potential customers can search for specific words to narrow down their book choices. If, for example, you have written a book about sailing, words such as: sailing, yacht, boat, ocean, crossing, navigation could be used.

When should I aim to promote my eBook?

We would suggest that you don’t start any marketing or promotion until at least two weeks after your eBook has been distributed to ensure that it is available from all global websites.

What price should I give my eBook?

This is entirely up to you but we normally recommend 50% – 70% lower than your printed book price. See the following advice from Faber:

‘Our general advice is to price the eBook no higher than the RRP of the cheapest print edition. The primary danger is of over-pricing eBooks so much that you price yourself out of the market. Some publishers choose to price it a pound or two lower than the print version in order to be bullish, others have a standard price such as £3.99 for all of their eBooks. It’s up to you how competitive you would like to be.

Can I see a proof of my eBook before it is distributed?

If you have previously published your book with us, we will use the approved proof so this shouldn’t be necessary. However, if you do wish to see it before publication, please let us know and we will supply the file, along with a link to open it. All authors submitting new eBooks, i.e. previously unpublished, will receive an eBook proof automatically.

What will happen once my eBooks have been sent for distribution?

The Kindle version of your eBook will be available within a week and the other formats within two weeks on all major retailers’ websites.  Some sites will also make a preview of the book available; this will be no more than 20% of the book’s interior pages.

Do I own the copyright for my eBook?


Can I sell my eBook from my own website?

You can but we would not recommend this. It is perfectly legal to do so but without Digital Rights Management your eBook is at risk of being pirated. Please see the statement below from Faber:

‘You can but please note that the files you’ll be selling will be free of Digital Rights Management (DRM) and it would be both very difficult and expensive for an individual author to apply DRM to eBooks on their site. It is very technical, and programs such as one from Adobe to apply DRM to files can cost up to £10,000. Currently, retailers apply DRM to files they sell so it is not something Faber can do on your behalf.

‘You will also need to supply your customers with technical help desk support if they encounter any problem downloading or using the files.’

Is my eBook secure online?

GHP, in partnership with Faber Factory, have security measures in place to ensure your eBook is safe online.  However, technology is constantly changing and pirate sites do occasionally list books for sale illegally.  Usually this is just a ruse to take people’s money and they do not have the actual book available to sell.  If your book appears on any of these sites please let us know and we can issue a Google ‘take-down’ notice to try and combat this ongoing problem.

To download a copy of these FAQs, click here

For published authors, the eBook order form is on the back of the normal publishing agreement, but you can download another copy here (final two pages):

eBook order form for published authors

For non-published authors, you can download the eBook order form here:

eBook order form for non-published authors