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Affordable, Easy Self Publishing With GHP

Have you ever thought about Self Publishing your own book? Well, Self Publishing is now more affordable and accessible than ever. Publishing your own book does not have to cost the earth and is available to everyone. If you've been rejected by mainstream publishing companies and still feel your book should be out there with the rest of them - why not self publish your novel and market it yourself?

Read what the press and our authors have to say

Why Should I Self Publish?


There are several arguments for and against self-publishing, but the strongest and most often stated reason against this option is; “all self-publishing is an untalented person’s way of getting their scribblings into print at an extortionate price.”

Well, at £795.00 for the full publication of a transcript we certainly don’t fall into the ‘extortionist’ category, but what about you? Surely if your work had any merit it would have been snapped up by an eager agent or publisher wouldn’t it? Rather than us answer this all important question, why not read the stories of a couple of successful authors who were in your exact same position a couple of years ago.

What is Print on Demand?

Print on demand has achieved, quite simply, a revolution in the book printing industry opening up the possibility for having one’s work printed in either a hardback or paperback format to almost anyone who has a creative writing flair. Until quite recently, printing a book was an extremely costly affair and could only be contemplated by either conventional printers/publishers, who were fairly certain of a manuscript’s chance of commercial success, or wealthy individuals who, no matter what the cost, wanted to have their work in print. Now, with the introduction of digital printing, it is possible to literally have just one copy of a book printed at a very reasonable cost. There are no printing plates involved, no conventional printing presses and no need for minimum runs of thousands of copies, just computers and digital printers. More information...

How to Market Your Book

As a self published, you are responsible for the actual marketing of your book, so if you don’t do it, no one will! Just look at the examples of Graham Taylor and Wilfred Hopkins (in Why Self-Publish) and read how they got themselves published and read.

“But I don’t like selling and I have never sold anything to anyone in my life,” I hear you say.

Don’t worry, almost all authors, whether they’re self-published or not, have been and probably will always be in the same boat as you. You are a writer and not a salesperson. However, the best person to promote your work is you.

You obviously believe your book is of some value because you have spent hours upon hours writing, rewriting and editing it to make the story, characters and settings of as much interest to the reader as you can. You have then spent more time and money trying to get literary agents and publishers to read your book in order to have your work published. The reason you want your book published is because you feel that what you have written is worth someone’s time in reading it and you would also like to be paid a reasonable return for the efforts that you have expended in writing and working on your story. More info...

Self Publishing Costs

The cost to publish your book will depend on many factors, from number of pages, how much colour is used, how many copies are required. To get an idea of cost, check out our publishing cost calculator.

For more information on how to get a book published, click here.


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